Hey I am, 20yrs old I have had fibro since i was 11.I was dx'ed at 11.I hurt really bad.I cant afford lyrica and cant take anything else for it.I am on a pain med but I try not to take it much.I have pains everywhere you can imagne.Because of my Fibro ( I guess) I have really bad anxeity It is hard for me to leave the house I do but I most of the time have to come home and go to bed because i am so upset.I am on meds for the anxeity but I dont thank they are helping that much anymore.I also have insomnia from fibro.I dont sleep that much and if i do it aint good sleep and I wake up every 30mins to an hour.I hate it all.And I dont know what to do anymore.If it was not for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I dont know what I would do.
I am just looking for some support and see what yall do for pain and all.