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    I'm learning that glaucoma is coming to be understood as a neurological illness. Is anyone aware of connections between it and epilepsy? My eye doctor is telling me that I'm at a high risk but not quite at a therapeutic level. My right eye is especially poor and the surgery I had on my left temporal lobe is evident in my eye exams. (Left brain = Right eye).

    I'm reading too where Topamax and tricyclate antidepressants can be a factor in the development of glaucoma. I started reading something about the relationship Dilantin has with it as well, but didn't notice a strong connection. (I'm new to all this). At this point, it's only a concern for being at risk judging by some tests done but far from a diagnosis.

    Not that it changes matters. Just wondering.

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    FWIW, I was dx'd with left hippocampal sclerosis about 8 or 9 years ago. (Not uncommon on TLE).

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    Haven't you been on Anti-epileptic-drugs since the 1960's? They can have long-term consequences. I know that Dilantin predisposes people to a thickening of the soles of the feet as well as carpal-tunnel.
    I can't recall which one, but there is a new medication which asks that your vision be tested before you start , to 1. establish a baseline and often to 2. rule out taking that medication.


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    Hi Folks,

    I've been taking the drug Diamox for many yrs. to help reduce my sz. and it also helps glaucoma. My eyesight got really bad after my surgery RTL and from yrs. of taking AED's since I've been on
    Diamox it has helped me a lot. The main side effect from the drug is weight loss so you have to be careful with that. Other than that it has helped me greatly. Here's wishing you well and May God Bless You!

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    Well, thanks for your replies. I'm still reading more about it. Hopefully the doctor is being overly precautious. I'm thinking so, because he's not looking at doing any treatment, at least not at this point. Thanks again.

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    As far as medication is concerned, I've been on Dilantin and since I was about four years old-which would be 1964. I've been on Tegretol since the mid-70s. I was on Topamax for a short period of time, and there is s cause-effect relationship between topamax and glaucoma, but again I was only on it for a short time. I'm currently taking Lamictal in addition to Tegretol and Dilantin. I've been taking it for about four years now.

    I'm also reading where Alzheimer's disease and glaucoma seem to have something in common like a common beginning and are often comorbid. That's kind of scary.

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