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Thread: Julius Caesar had epilepsy

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    Default Julius Caesar had epilepsy

    Learn something new everyday. Julius Caesar had epilepsy, Othello, yes he's fictional, and many others.... referred to as Falling Sickness.

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    Famous People with Epilepsy:

    Bud Abbott-(Abbott & Costello)
    Alexander the Great
    Grover Cleveland Alexander (Pro Baseball player)
    Dante Alighieri (wrote: Dante's Infirno)
    Buddy Bell-USA (Pro Baseball player/manager)
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Richard Burton
    Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)
    Lord Byron
    Julius Caesar
    Truman Capote
    Lewis Carroll
    Charles V (Emperor of Austria)
    Agatha Christie
    Ian Curtis (of the band Joy Division)
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Jonathan Davis (of the band Korn)
    Charles Dickens
    Fydor Dostoevsky
    Gustave Flaubert
    Danny Glover
    Sidhartha Guatama (The Buddah)
    Tony Greig-England (Cricket)
    Georg Fredrick Handel
    Hannibal of Carthage
    Margaux (Margot) Hemingway
    Gary Howatt-USA (Hockey)
    Joan of Arc
    Elton John
    Bob Jones-USA (Basketball)
    Florence Griffith Joyner
    Tony Lazzzari-USA (Baseball)
    Edward Lear
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    Vachel Lindsay
    James Madison-US President
    Jean Moliere-French playwright
    Isaac Newton
    Alfred Nobel
    Nicolo Paganini
    St. Paul (disputed)
    Peter the Great
    Pope Pious IX
    Edgar Allen Poe
    Jonty Rhodes-South Africa (Cricket)
    Cardinal Richelieu of France
    Sir Walter Scott
    Pioter (Peter) Tchaikovksy
    Harriet Tubman
    Vincent Van Gogh
    Paul Wade (Australian soccer)
    Greg Walker-USA (Baseball)
    William III
    Neil Young

    pirate.jpg This list was shamelessly pirated (from hither and yon.)
    It currently resides on my Epilepsy page
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