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Thread: Viedo EEG x 48 hours

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    Cool Viedo EEG x 48 hours

    Visited my wife's epileptologist this morning.

    The technician fitted her with the usual scalp paste-on leads, and a side pack to record her brain waves for the next 48 hours.

    Just need to change two AA batteries tomorrow morning.

    But we have a laptop with as video cam supplied by the technician to record full time, even tonight in bed. Just need to move and position the laptop as my wife changes rooms in the apartment.

    My wife will remove the leads Sunday morning and we'll return the laptop, leads and recorder Monday for the doctor to then review.

    And, we do not expect any events.


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    Hi Ted,

    I wish your wife the best of luck. If she knows of any foods or beverages that can trigger sz. tell her to eat and drink them. I know that diet soda triggers sz. for me like crazy. Also try bright colors if
    she's photosensitive. By doing all this the Epi will have good info. on the area(s) of her brain that are triggering sz. I wish your wife and you the best of luck. May God Bless You Both!


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