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    I am a parent of a 22 year old with autism. I am very concerned that they will never live independently. Have been working with child and a therapist. Therapist has made several suggestions for child to take/do. If I remind (practically constantly) the child to do one of these suggestions, some of them get done. If I don't mention one, it just doesn't get done. What is my role here? Therapist last visit said child should do them on their own without my reminding them.
    What impact will this have on the end result? Is it common to let the child take responsibility on their own? I'm concerned that child won't be able to support themselves.
    Hope I'm making sense.

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    Hi and welcome. Sorry your last post didn't get a response. Some forums are busier than others.

    I want to suggest that maybe you could try posting in the Child Neurology forum . There are more people that hang there that I am sure would be great help and support.

    We also have an Emotional Support Forum and a Caregiver forum if you ever feel the desire to pop in there. Hope you find what you are looking for here.

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    This could be a long term problem and take patience. Alternatively, a different therapist may be called for. I don't know if it is common to have the patient take responsibility.
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    I posted on the child neurology forum - thanks for the suggestion!

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    Yes, it's a big concern of my that the patient take responsibility. I have to remind my child to take their meds everyday...

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