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Thread: Does anyone else get tired of talking about epilepsy?

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    i think that is great Lor. I believe mst all folks are better off knowing how to treat someone who has seizures. one time during summer my family including m daughter who has seizures was walking back to our camper. Daughter had a sezure and I was trying to help but was sorta clueless and panicky. a woman came out from her house and really gtook charge of helping my daughter. I was so thankful that she knew more than I about how to help. we were more than 30 miles on back roads to go if we needed a doctor or any medical help. The woman was wonderful and daughter was ok. rerally out of it for the day and rest of night but of all the endings that could have happened, this was not as bad as some I have seen since.

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    And your friendship was the best of it!
    hugs and chocolate to everyone

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    I got tired of it and I was away for a long time.

    (Don't let the number of my posts fool you, my number got reset to zero when they revamped the system.)

    Now I see that there are still people out there who are seeking information and who don't know anything about it, so I'm back!
    Ego sum quis ego sum quod ut est quicumque ego sum - Popeye

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