I hardly ever talk about it. I am not the least bit ashamed, but it is about just me, and I am so much more than a medical condition. Those other parts of myself I can share with others as they too may also share them. However, not all share this commonality we here do. With you, we are a small family who shares this illness and all that goes with it. Not all will belong to this family as in a typical one, not all belong or can relate. When I do talk about epilepsy, I can get rather passionate. Also, in my profession until I have the degrees I want which will allow me to make a difference, I can't afford to talk about it due to the stigma that is still very much alive as some of you may recall from my ordeal a while back. I know a nurse with her PhD who just now is willing to admit it. However, this forum is one place those of us who share epilepsy in our lives in some way can come together to share our experience strength and hope with others who visit.
Sue I wish you the best in your talk and thank you for doing that. We need others like you willing to step up and enlighten the world. You will be great! Tattoo