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Thread: Award for worst science article lol

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    Default Award for worst science article lol

    Dorothy Bishop, professor of developmental neuropsychology at England's University of Oxford, gives an award for "an article in an English-language national newspaper that achieves an unusually high level of inaccuracy."

    This year the Daily Mail garnered the dubious honor for its article "Just ONE cannabis joint ‘can cause psychiatric episodes to schizophrenia’ as well as damaging memory."
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    ain't it the truth, NOT!! What is wrong with people? I think we all need to be aware of all medications we take, but MMJ is very misunderstood! I wish some from Chronic Pain would come here and read some of these articles and maybe have a decent discussion? Or is that possible?

    Thank you Christina for trying to help educate chronic pain patients. It takes courage and caring about your fellow man to do this.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you the best with all the problems you have with chronic pain. Maybe one day SC will open it's eyes and get out of the dark ages.!!

    I love you my dear, Jo
    Did you ever know that you're my hero and every thing I would like to be I can fly higher than an eagle
    'cause you are the wind beneath my wings

    for my brother Ben

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    Jo these days nobody admits to anything. The level of paranoia regarding the use of MMJ along with or instead of pills is sky high thanks to the ridiculous drug and med laws. No one wants to lose their meds or doc because they decided to become an advocate. Too high of a price to pay. They have us by the short hairs and it takes more than one person to make things right.

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