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Thread: Test results....I'm baffled

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    Default Test results....I'm baffled

    Hi everyone...I wanted to pick your brain because my husband and I are completely baffled. I was just reviewing some of his test results and noticed something from about a year ago. He was admitted to ER because of a seizure that was normal but he was just completely out of it and had no idea who I was or where he was. Usually he's a little disoriented but usually in 5 minutes he knows what happened and usually is able to get comfortable knowing what happened and knowing that he's safe and that I'm there.

    I saw the results and it said he tested positive for cocaine. OK, my husband is not a drug user. Like me he dabbled back when we were teens (early 80s) but never continued afterwards. Do I fully believe him, yes, he's pretty much is an open book like myself. Neither one of us have anything to hide.

    The day of his seizure, he was working and it happened that evening after we had dinner and we were watching TV.

    I'm completely baffled by this. The drug he takes is depoke ER (the generic version) he was on that last year (plus ativan but hasn't been on it since summer 2011)when this test was taken. I am going to google and see if there is any correlation between the drug and the seizure.

    All other drugs he has tested negative. I was also wondering is there another test that would test that would confirm or contradict the cocaine test?

    I just find it odd. And those who are going to question my husband's truthfulness, that's cool. I don't claim to be attached to him at the hip 24/7 but as I said, we're pretty much an open book and we'll both tell you anything you want to know about our lives.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Jerri,

    Every now and then I will have a sz. and not realize I have had one and I don't remember anything from hrs. before the sz. happened it's like a loss of time or memory loss. This has happened to me a few times with absence (petit mal) sz.

    There is the possibility that your husbands hippocampus could be shrinking and becoming hard causing short term memory loss, this sometimes happens to a person if they have had sz. for yrs. or use cell phones to often.

    In regards to the cocaine test you need to get into forensic science. All they have to do is take a few pieces of hair and they can test a persons hair to find out if a person is into drugs. I have a friend whose into forensic science
    and she has taught me a lot. Take a look at your husbands eyes and if they have a glassy look there's a chance that he may be back into the cococaine. I do know that cococaine can cause epilepsy and sz. I wish you and your husband
    only the best of luck. May God Bless You Both!

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    Hello, I took Depakote for a few years and in my profession had numerous drug screens. I was never told anything about testing positive or cocaine or other drugs, but I can't swear that I had a drug screen while on it either. I recall reading once a few years ago that it was thought that Depakote may have THC in it as an active ingredient. I think that would be a good thing since marijuana has some great properties in it if the Depakote story is even true. I never heard anything about cocaine however. I will tell you that ingesting poppy seeds will make the drug screen positive. I though it was for opium. UI know that is true. I recently had a drug screen for a new job and didn't think and ate a poppy seed bagel the morning I was to have the drug screen done. I immediately called the lab that would do it and asked them. They said it is in your system 20 minutes after eating the poppy seeds on a bagel and can take 48 hrs to clear. I waited two addition days to do my screen. What did he eat in that 48 hour window before the screen was done? Also this lab asks what meds you are on before doing the screen so they will know if a positive test is due to prescription drugs possibly or do to another reason. I sorta doubt the hospital lab did this step nor asked abut it as their purposes are different from Lab Corp that does screens for employment purposes. It may be a good idea to have another one done to contradict the first one. Tattoo

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    Sounds like a complex partial with a long post ictal state to me...

    My post ictal state can last up to 45 minutes.
    During that time I will be able to carry on an intelligent conversation, but I will have no recollection of the entire time frame.
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    Or somebody at the drug center place may have just screwed up?

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    Nov. 1, 1990 (I'll never forget that) I had apparently a bit too long TC - my very first. Young intern in Air Force base ER patted my hand and sent me home with instructions to see a doc the next day. I did with no positive results.
    Head of that Hospital said he KNEW I was on drugs, it was too late to do a blood test but he was POSITIVE about the drugs.
    Good grief - I was diagnosed with drugs with no testing.

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