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    I've been getting bad night cramps in my calves for some time, quite possibly a side effect of MMN.
    Neuro has given me Dilantin for this (starting at 1 per day).
    The list of side effects told by the pharmacist has made me a little anxious.
    Has anyone else used it for cramps and able to share the experience?

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    Hi Dave,

    No. Dilantin was always used for seizures as far as I know. That seems like a lot. I use/drink tonic water. I get the Kroger diet brand for 88 cents a litre. My neurologist said great and it is not too much quinine that can cause stuff but only if you get it by the truck load or so. (the pills of guinine are not sold in the US due to side effects.) I drink about a litre a day and almost never have leg cramps anymore. I had them very badly prior to the tonic water. I love the stuff but a lot of people don't, but for no side effects and 44 cents or so a day, it is a deal. Take good care, Peg

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    I used to take quinine pills and they worked quite well for me.

    The FDA banned the use of quinine for anything but malaria because people were using it for restless leg or other similar issues.

    The side effects issue was that a very small number of people had heart issues.

    Since the restless leg, or other similar problems, were relatively benign and there were other options for treatment (electrolytes), they concluded that the risk wasn't worth it.

    However, people with neurological issues don't have as many options, so this didn't help us at all.

    My Dr. said that since I'd been taking the pills for years, that I wasn't at risk for the heart issues.

    He switched me to gabapentin, which helps, but isn't as good as quinine.

    I don't know if quinine is allowed in Australia, but I'd talk to your Dr. about it.

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