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Thread: Whitney Houston dead

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    Default Whitney Houston dead

    Holy smokes where was I when this happened. How truly sad. She had a beautiful voice and at one time a life many envied. Too bad she went down the wrong path.

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    Yes, Christina this is truely sad. She had a beautiful, powerful voice. Something not everybody has. She will truly be missed. Jo
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    She had a gorgeous powerful voice but made some strange choices in life. Her angelic exterior belied some devils inside which she seems to have never conquered. Anybody catch her on "Being Bobby Brown"? Too strange for words. I hope she finally finds some peace.

    PS Thanks to her, "The Greatest Love of All" got me thru the period of caring for my dearest aunt while she was dying of Ovarian cancer far from home.
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    her voice brought me to tears the very first time I heard her sing. what a tragedy! and my heart aches for her daughter & everyone that knew & loved her.

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