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Thread: still computer problems

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    Default still computer problems

    I hope this posts this time. I had a really lucky moment on last post and was able to SEE that my typewritten words were appearing when I posted on the update of Lor thread. I was so happy to be able to do that after all this time I went ahead and told about computer problems and hubby's being in hospital etc. at same time as stating my hopes for Lor's recovery..

    It did all appear. I immediately went back to edit my post and the words did not appear that I had just posted then read myself - when the box came up to make changes, once again it was different. No words and no way to type anything.

    So I have wearied mself out trying to post since that post. I am going to stop trying so often after tonight. I had a cortisone shot which helped some but they start wearing off far to fast unfortunately. I can read so for now until hubby feels like taking our computer in for an overhaul, reading it will be. And faster to read than for me to try and do my 2 finger typing and making it readable correcting my many mistakes.

    I did have a wonderful visit tonight from our friend Donna who has terminal cancer. It was so good for us to sit and talk in a casual setting. Usually it is at fire department get together with lots of other people around and hard bottom chairs. Or out to eat and after short time of that, well let's just say, home furniture is best for both of us, LOL. take care everyone.
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    Thumbs up Joy, Joy!!!

    I'm seeing your post!!:)


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    Ahhhhhhh, there you are lol. Ya know I have noticed that my cursor will once in a while disappear in the text box, I have no idea where it goes but then I have to reclick in the text box to reset it. Maybe you have bug.

    I am so glad that you got to have a nice mellow visit with your friend.

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    type the words into an email mail it to yourself then paste it in later so you dont lose it
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