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Thread: There is a God! Adventures of my Butt, Part Two

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    Default There is a God! Adventures of my Butt, Part Two

    Well, I started therapy in the warm water pool. I walk back and forth for 15 minutes. Whoop, right?

    So I do it. Loyally. Good little Robo-Patient.

    Then a week ago my supposedly adoring hubby says I should buy "fat pants" b/c my waistline's gotten "so big". (After nearly 8 months inactive, mind.)

    Then the nurse prac at the rehab doc says "You'll need a year at least to work off that flab of yours".

    And THEN at the pool locker room, this female triathlete (literally, a triathlete) says to me, "I'd never be that out of shape at your age." (She's probably my age, by the way, but because I don't tan, I often am mistaken for younger. So that was a backhanded insulting compliment.)

    So I said, "The bones in my pelvis were disarticulated in a fall, and the resulting damage to my ligaments, tendons and muscles prevented them from returning to their proper place. I lived with that for almost 5 months and now it's taken 3 months for me to get well enough to move around."

    Said Miz Fitness 2012, "What's your point?"

    I said, "I hope karma's not as big a ***** to you as you've just been to me."

    She almost didn't reply... then caught up to me after I'd limped away to say very nastily, "If you'd been in good shape to start, you wouldn't have gotten hurt!"

    Folks, you should've seen how fast I told her, "Till this happened I worked out an hour a day, I'd walk 5 miles a day without losing my breath, and every damn doctor will tell you I was in good shape. All it takes is one bad day, honey. ONE."

    Then I limped my way to the therapy pool, all het up and seething. Miz Fit charged toward the lap pool, every muscle rippling and vein bulging.... and she slipped and fell smack on her fat-free tight-muscled a**!

    Dx: Epilepsy; depression; chronic GERD and peptic ulcer disease; pelvis and spine damage from accident.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA, well I guess Karma is a biotch. I bet she is big and bouncy and hates skinny girls too. You tell her Leo! Gggrrrrrr

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    good for you for being the biatch to her that she was to you!

    karma is a biatch, ain't it?

    keep up the pool work and soon you'll be hustling with me, i predict.

    do not think of mom, do not think of dh, do not think of dying cat. think of leo for awhile, until you are strong enough mentally and physically to handle everything!

    WE ARE BT!
    "The world is a better place when you're barefoot." Mark
    "Don't go there unless you know the way back." TC
    "...there will be an answer. Let it be." Paul McCartney

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    Oooooohhhhhhhh That's funny!! What a blessing for you.
    And your funny adventure was a blessing for me .... I needed a laugh.

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    Hey Leo,

    Good on you for standing up for the rest of us who are generally too shocked to get in that appropriate response quick enough! What an a******! How dare she! First off, it's none of her business. Secondly, when you told her what misfortunes had befallen you, she still felt the inner need to blame you for them. Aww, maybe she was having a bad day at the triathalon. Nice that she received some instant karmic feedback.

    I happen to believe in reincarnation. If she does not learn the lesson of kindness to strangers and sympathy/empathy for others, she may spend another lifetime with serious disabilities, wondering "Why Me?" Not that I think that's the reason why some of us come here and experience a lifetime of illness -- rather, my take on it is that every being has to experience everything before they can travel out of the wheel of reincarnation. Yet I've had very so-called "spiritual" people approach me & urge me to clean up my act so I can finally get better. If only I believed more or did it better or tried harder, surely I'd be healthy! At the beginning it frustrated the daylights out of me, but eventually I came to the place where I understand that they fail to understand that we're here to learn different lessons during each round. YMMV


    PS I sure hope you run into her again & remind her how easy those mistakes can be. And how monumental the consequences may be. O dear, how unsympathetic of me!

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    Leo, you go girl!!!!
    Take care,

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    Oh you say things I could never be brave enough to say ,, you are right on target! Good for you,,

    Great story.


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    Way to go!! I'd have pushed the ^%**#@ into the pool!!

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    Red face

    I love this Leo, you are one awesome gal! You do what you can do to get better, you run your show..... and the skinny miss " it's all about me gal" can just try to figure out how she can improve her compassion and caring for the rest of the human race...shame shame on her ! are an inspiration to so many honey !:)
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