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Thread: Ocular Migraines ... funny looking thru a crystal type of shock & awe vision shows

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    Question Ocular Migraines ... funny looking thru a crystal type of shock & awe vision shows

    I asked my Neuro dude on my last appointment about Ocular Migraines and whether they were associated at all with or because of Aneurysms?

    He thought not – that they really haven’t pinned down the why’s of the very strange eye migraines – but that they have been having success with a medication called Varapamil. (No thanks - but I am sure it might help those who suffer constantly)

    The main thing he said to do was to actually record how often you get them – the duration – which eye(s)
    Nothing wrong with getting your eyes checked as a matter of course – but that the migraines start where else of course than – in the brain.

    This site talks some about the Verapamil.
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    I used to get ocular migraines daily when I was working in a disgustingly filthy, damp warehouse with stalactites of black dust stuff hanging from the vents, leaky ceilings and crickets. They stopped after the company moved us from that warehouse. However, after that, I would have them on rare occasions. I would take Ibuprofen, and IF I got light sensitive, I'd wear sunglasses, even indoors. The wearhouse location makes sense, as I am allergic to mold, dust, and cockroaches. It turns out the allergy thing to crickets is the same as cockroaches. Has to do with their decaying bodies. I found every time I walk in to some specific places (there is a Lowe's this happens to me at) I get one of these ocular migraines. Often, they are just fleeting.

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    I used to get the horrible aura migraines which start when I was in the 6th grade....1976. Since my rupture I have ONLY had the ocular migraines now, which is odd, but wonderful! LOL I don't miss the aura ones. Horrible pain and sickness for days. At least with my ocular migraines there is not pain involved and they only last about 30 minutes. I don't take anything. As soon as I start to see that pattern in front of my eye, I close my eye for 30 minutes and it eases up. I might feel a little ikcy for a bit, but no pain, so I'm very thankful for that and it doesn't disrupt my life for days like the other one did.

    I think I'm going to start recording when I get them though and record the activities and food I'm eating on those days. Would be interesting to see if I can pinpoint what might trigger them. I also haven't had my eyes checked in a LONG time.
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    Hi guys,
    I've been having them on and off since my stroke. It's my understanding that they're not painful. (At least everything I've read about them has had that info.) I guess more reading by me is needed!


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    I think it's a real good idea to record the Ocular Migraines when you get them!

    Or record any weird repeating issues - because your Dr. can at least address this and/or you can do your research.

    The Ocular Migraines start in the brain - but it's still good to get our eyes checked because there is such good preventative measures for Macular degeneration and new eye treatments all the time!

    Like this!

    I don't get the OM's very often but they sure are weird - but at least I know what they are - and I agree Heidi - at least they are NOT painful!!!

    Thank you Lord!
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