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Thread: Dragon Software for speech recognition

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    Default Dragon Software for speech recognition

    Any one look into this software? It takes your spoken work and applies to all different kinds of text use programs.

    I got the app for my iPad as a free sample not long ago but it only works in one program but that I can just copy and paste wherever I need it.

    I think it would be worth looking into for those who suffer from arm and hand pain and/or are limited in their ability to use the computer.

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    I had it and was frustrated by it. The recognition is not bad (still frustrating, though), but corrections are only one frustrating aspect. I find that I write using a different part of my brain than speaking. When I speak, I must think, the say a sentence. Think, then say a sentence, whereas when I am typing, it seems to occur simultaneously. I don't think in advance what I am GOING TO say, it just pours out my fingers.

    Then there is the frustration of the odd ummss, pauses, etc. that we say when we are speaking - like little place holders. You cannot do that with Dragon.

    However, it sure is better than nothing when we simply cannot type.

    You need an excellent headset. That is not something to skimp on, imo.

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    We have Dragon on the Desktop computer.

    It is a great program, but takes a bit of getting used to.

    Definitely worth getting if you have issues in typing.


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    Naomi yes I get exactly what you're saying. Yes I do get a lot of awkward pauses and then it stops and I have to wait but yes the words do pour right out of my fingers much easier. Sometimes my brain goes faster than my fingers can lol. Now that is frustrating, hitting the backspace seems every other word, always that extra typing.

    Paul I thought it might. I have a laptop I might like to try it on.

    My trapezius is in almost constant pain and typing doesn't help and I just wondered if anyone had any experience with it.

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