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Thread: Researcher contends multiple sclerosis is not a disease of the immune system

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    Default Researcher contends multiple sclerosis is not a disease of the immune system

    one of the few explanations i've seen that explains the gender discrepancy
    if only it's this easy........what a new year's present that would be!! happy new year everybody!!!!!


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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting it and Happy New Year to you, too! :)

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    Default A Cure

    That would be a wonderful gift at long last to finally find a cure as Corthals said..."This new framework makes a cure for MS closer than ever." When my husband and I made the trip to Vanderbilt in hopes of the cure being the antibiotic theory....that doctor made the statement that the cause of my MS might be vascular. You see I have always had familial cholesterol higher than normal and it runs in the maternal side of the family.

    On the other hand tampering with my immune system by giving me Avonex and crashing my immune system, if it is not the cause of the MS, might just have caused the myasthenia gravis that I have recently been diagnosed with in April. It is certainly worth researching and finding if there is a causal relation. I have been on various medications for high cholesterol and triglycerides since I was 40.

    It would be a major problem for all the MS neurologists who are treating all their patient's with the immune modulating drugs and I doubt that they even read The Quarterly Review of Biology so it is going to take a lot of publicity and research to get their attention. Especially the neuros who are being rewarded by the BigPharma companies for prescribing their drugs.

    Happy New Year,
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    Happy New Year to you too, Herodotus.

    I thought it was pretty generally accepted that MS is an autoimmune disease. This article you linked to indicates that researchers ought not to give up on exploring other possibilities.

    And you're right--researchers hardly ever deal with the gender discrepancy.
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    I have heard that MS is linked to CCSVI and EDS. I have a link somewhere of the theory and it makes sense

    Hope that is the right link.

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    The idea that there is an underlying metabolic component is not new, which is why it is being studied in more detail. Perhaps this is why some dietary strategies seem to have an affect in various people with a broad range of these mysterious disorders. Maybe when they have THIS figured out, they will, along the way, have other human ailments (ALS maybe?) figured out.

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    Thanks for posting this link. It is an interesting read. It would be nice if it happened to be true because it might point to a really good treatment, however let's not put too much hope into it because I am afraid we will get disappointed, and then we do have the big pharmaceuticals to deal with. They are not going to give up the expenseive DMDs. Of course, maybe they could come up with an expensive drug that would do more good than the ones we have. I would not complain if they actually were at the least stopping progression. That would certainly be worth paying for.


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    Default I'm glad you posted this article

    I too found it interesting.

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    Thanks makes for interesting reading. Talk to you later.

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