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    I see some familiar names here, so some of you will already know my story.

    If it weren't for my little wirehair doxie Kiwi, I wouldn't be able to hold things together. Simple as that.

    She is my first wire dox; always had mutts and terriers. She's no scholar, but who cares. Playful and loving, she's set rules I'm happy to live within, and I thank heaven for her every day. It took nearly 6 years from the loss of my last dear dog companion to gather courage for the next risk of Kiwi, the next chance to balance joy and comfort against what else will come.

    To those who say "no more dogs", I respectfully suggest a little time, then consider what adopting another friend will give to your life. You'll know when you're ready to allow another risk, another load of love. We can't help it, can we?

    Kiwi joined my (fracturing) family in defiance of a "no pet" zone regulation, but with my good doctor's support, in a community of retirees. By that I mean the average age in this 300 unit manufactured home development is around 80. I'm early 60's.

    Love and heartfelt empathy to those of you whose companions have gone to their rests, and to those who share their companion animals with nursing homes and hospitals.

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    Thanks MontyJack. My kids said I NEEDED this dog I have now. My very old cat had already passed, and the little family dog was dying... They were right. This dog is pure joy in motion. She is working hard to be both cat and dog to me now. I can honestly say I am "in love" with this dog! I am glad my kids "forced" her on me :-)

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    I am so happy to see how furbabies in our lives give us so much joy and keep us motivated and laughing.

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    They all are wonderful!!
    My husband and I rescued a female yellow lab from a horrendous life, to find that she was 20 pounds underweight and pregnant. She gave birth to seven beautiful, shiny and healthy pups; we have two. Mama, (We called her that but her name was Chelsea) passed last year; her pups turned 10!! They've been an absolute joy for me!


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