with the use of a Sativa.

I was using a very strong sativa as an adjunctive medical treatment for pain and anxiety and while it seemed to help with my pain I believe that it contributed to a minor breakdown by increasing feelings of anxiety and depression. I was also under an extreme amount of stress at the time.

I have read that the sativa is not the way to go for many with the above illnesses but know that I am not always the rule and chemically I seem to be highly med sensitive and get funky reactions, usually they make me sick. I went with the sativa mostly because I get tired of the side effects with the indica, lethargy, sleepiness. I quit the sativa and now I find that if I switch them up then I don't get any of the same problems with the sativa.

I like the ability to feel a bit of energy and pain lowered for when I need to clean. I don't need to take a pain pill as often and I hate the SEs from those. I am out of break through meds right now and will eventually need to get them filled for the in between pain but if I take it easy then things are not too bad.