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Thread: new treatment (new to for me anyway)

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    Default new treatment (new to for me anyway)


    Fell again, but not so as to reinjure ribs/liver. Man, Iím getting on my last psychotic nerve. How hard can using a frickin walker be?

    Saw neuro. Says heís gunna enter me into a trial concerning a pill for MS. However, before this can take place the Neuro wants my Ophthalmologist to give me the once-over concerning the optic neuritis for which heís treating me. I go to the eyeball doc tomorrow. The optic neuritis has remained unchanged for around 10years. Why the Optho exams now is unknown to me. Anyway...

    The neuro told me the name of the new treatment pill but I canít remember its name. Anyone reading this happen to know what the heck Iím gunna be taking? I think the pillís name begins with a ďGĒ but I could be wrong about this too. Guess I can just ask Mr. Eyeball tomorrow. Heís remarkably aware of things MS.


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    Ya Can't Argue With An Idiot

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    Might it be Gilenya AKA fingolimod?
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    Yes, it's likely Gilenya, I know they do extensive eye tests before you can start it.

    There was a recent report of someone dying within 24 hours of taking it, the FDA is investigating it. Hopefully they'll have answers when you get thru all your pre-tests. I know your heartrate is monitored after the first pill, maybe keep an eye on it yourself over the first 24 hours to ensure it isn't slowing down, just to be safe.

    Not a lot of "buzz" out there about it, in spite of it being the first pill. Strange.

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    I don't know a lot about Gilenya either, but I do know one man who is on it. He has been for several months and is feeling good and doing better than when he was on one of the other DMDs. He has had almost no problems at all with this drug. Before he was having problems, but I can't remember the first drug he went on.


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