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Thread: Important article about 12 year old with epilepsy

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    Exclamation Important article about 12 year old with epilepsy

    This was shown to me by a friend. I am so disappointed when I hear stories like this.

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    Hi funnylegs,

    Thanks for sharing this story what the school is doing is totally illegal and they are not following the law that was passed in 1975 that all students in the U.S. that have learning, physical, or emotional disabilities/problems are to be educated in the school
    with no discrimination. If I were in VA. I would like to speak to the school superintendent and have it out with them. I've worked in public school for 26 yrs. and I've never saw anything so cruel in my life. I hope the family takes legal action against them. I plan on
    getting ahold of the school tomorrow and having a few words with them. Here's wishing You Well and May God Bless You!


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