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Thread: New article in Science about LDN, good to stop proliferation of cells

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    Default New article in Science about LDN, good to stop proliferation of cells

    A friend on another forum sent me information from Science magazine on use of LDN to stop proliferation of cancer cells, having been tested in ovarian and prostate cancers. This is a mystery to me, but it is in Science Daily Sept 2, 2011. Research done at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.

    I am very interested in this because I have a myeloproliferative disease, actually two of them, Polycytemia Vera and Monoclonal Gammopathy. I have too many red cells and platelets.

    I have read for years on here that some of us love LDN for MS. I didn't think seriously about taking it because I need Demerol when I am in pain, but my pain levels have been low lately and I've hardly taken Demerol at all.
    I took it a lot last year when I had very severe neuropathy from chemo to cut the platelets, had to quit the chemo.

    I can't take any other pain killer but Demerol, but I am willing to try LDN if it stops the proliferation, which could give me a stroke. But I don't know how to broach this to my Hematologist, or if he would even know how to get it. I know lots of people here have information on this, so I am open to any!


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    I haven't tried LDN but there are some links about it in the Useful Websites thread. This one gives a list of compounding pharmacies that will dispense LDN:
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    Thank you, Agate. I have read the material. I may talk to the doctor about it.

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