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Thread: Checking in on the new site

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    Default Checking in on the new site

    Hello to all,

    I haven't been around in a while and thought I'd check the site. Was quite surprised to see that there are changes again. Good to see many familiar names here. I am managing well. The cyst on my spine has not grown and is not causing any discomfort. The cervical spine still gives me muscle spasms, which are manageable with heat and meds as needed.

    Gentle hugs to my spiney friends,


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    BionicWoman, it is good to see you checking in and finding out you are doing okay. The site is a bit different but a lot of it is the same so it doesn't take too long to get comfortable with it.
    1979 spinal issues, 1993 lumbar microdisectomy L3-4, 1996 360 3 level lumbar fusion L2-5, 1999 open thoractomy fusion T8-9,
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