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Thread: Any tips to stay CALM during an MRI ???

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    Question Any tips to stay CALM during an MRI ???

    This coming Tuesday I have to do the yearly MRI Angiogram or at least that's what the Imaging Lab calls it....

    Just a follow up on my Coiling/Stent & a 2nd wee Ane they want to watch.

    I HAVE done this only once before ~ but I absolutley HATE it!!!

    It's just the thought of going into that skinny tube that "gets" me! I would "almost" rather do the full Angiogram ....but I know that's just dumb.

    I usually take a couple of Xanex but the new way is they "medicate" you on request - with I believe is Valium - never had that before... :ambivalence:

    I have read up on how to stay calm....hahaha yup ....still giggling because the end advice was to get some meds if the thought panics you!

    I am super ok with it all - even a facecloth over the eyes helps - but thats all BEFORE they roll me into the tube - as soon as my shoulders feel the tube which curls my shoulders
    in - then I know I am in there - and want out now - as in Right Now!!!

    Isn't my reaction silly! ??? It's just a machine for heavens sake - it won't take more than an hour - the nice lady talks to you over the speaker - they even play music

    So why does the thought of going in there creep me out!!! ???
    Am I really such a wuss....when all along I thought I was a brave and steady sort of woman?

    Anyhow else got any super duper tips to chill before and during an MRI ?

    Any suggestions will be taken - trust me!

    Trish ~ the Wussiest of Wussy Wusses.
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    Tropical Trish
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    no you are NOT a wuss! Only one though I can think of and sorry it won't help but do it right the first time so it won't have to be repeated.

    I absolutely hate them myself. and sometimes they ask you to put your arms up, I believe? guess what, that absolutely kills me as I have had an injury on tyop of fibro etc. hurts like everything.

    I so hope it all goes well with you. think of something and repeat it over and over, gee i just feel for you cause i know I don't like them either.

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    Aaah, Miss Trish,

    Yep, I know JUST how you are feeling. I have had 9 MRI's and they never get any easier!!! I am severely claustraphobic, so it is a reeeeeal struggle. However, I DO get through them with you guessed it......breathing!!!! LOL Seriously, it is mind over matter. I can feel the panic rising whilst I'm in there, but I know that if I freak and have to get out, I will just have to start the scan all over again.

    I keep my eyes closed during the whole thing, and do deep breathing exercises, and I use the different sounds the MRI makes in a meditation - those noises really are quite rythmic!! I find that the meditation helps to take me away (sort of, a little bit) to another place. I actually chose NOT to have the piped music as it distracts me from the meditation, but if you think the music will help, then DO it!!!

    Sorry Trish, that there's no magically amazing way to do this - just simple breathing, meditation to stay calm and mind over matter!!!

    P.S. Yes, they can offer you Valium too to help calm you, but as it has never had any effect on me, I chose not to take it, but if it helps, take them!!!

    Let us know how you go....

    Love and hugs,

    Nat xx
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    I do like Natalie, I listen to the rhythm of the jackhammer noise and take myself to some jungle somewhere and think of the men in their loin cloths beating the drums. Like a Bing crosby and Bob Hope movie, :) , tee he :) yes I am old !
    I hate them , tried the music but that was a waste, too distracting, just divide it into segments, that might help, the new machines are so much quicker than they used to be , the one I had in Sept , was about 15 min.
    Just breath, take something to calm you and do the jungle drum beat, but dont' get into it too much , you might start rocking with the beat then oops you have to start again :(
    I am always afraid I will get stuck, my chest is a little to close to the top , can you get the open air kind , they are so much better I would ask , call tomorrow and see if one is avaliable. Of all people on this fourm, you are the least of the wusses, now just remember what Nat said "breath and just think of a happy place" I will be traveling but will have my computer with me to check in, I want to keep up with everyone. Hugs to youTrish :o
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    HELLO,Ging, How are you? The last time I was able to get in you were to have your annie treated, after that I couldnt log in. I had to register again, my name was marité. I am glad to see you, Beachgirl and Tropicalfish are there. Re Mri, I hate mri though they don't hurt but I can't stand the noisewhich makes me tense.

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    Hello Marite'. how are you getting along ? Yes the MRI 's are a bugger, but I know
    Trish will do well she is a very strong woman !, you can go to the threads about
    My coiling and get the latest, but I am doing well :)

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    Glad you are doing well. You deserve it.

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    Thanks so much everyone - I do feel a whole bunch better about this MRI test just reading your advice and it helps to know I am NOT the only one dreading this simple test!!!

    Joy ~ thanks for your faith in me! You too dread MRI's! Whew ........I am not alone :angel:

    Beachgirl ~ I knew it I knew it I knew it already that you would say Breathe Trish Breathe! And of course you or SO right!!! Thanks for a timely reminder! Lets hope I don't hyperventilate especially taking Gings advice!

    Ging ~ ok you wild jungle lady - I am going to imagine some almost (hee hee) nekid dudes in thier ummmm tiny loin clothes dancing jussssssssssst for me to the jackhammer noise as they scan my morenlikely bumpy brain! Can those dancing men look like Bradley Cooper or Johnny Depp?!

    Not feeling quite as wussy now :o but can't gaurantee I won't ask for the happy juice!
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
    One of the great labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow!

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    Default MRI

    I feel for you Trish! I'm right there with Nat and Ging. If it's an MRI without music, I use the rhythm of the machine for each segment to do sing a show tune to myself. I used to do a lot of musical theater and I try to pick one show and do songs from the show. If it IS was one music, I always request something very upbeat. It sure doesn't drown out the sound of the damn thing, but it gives me something else to concentrate on.

    I always close my eyes as soon as they put anything around my head. Never open them. I know I'm going into a damn tube, but I don't need to see it. LOL

    Yes, breathing truly is the best thing and I also count. Although....I may not mind the drugs! LOL They've never offered them to me...maybe I should ask next time.

    Hang in there...we'll be in the damn tube with you.
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    the pill sure helped me. as for the music? you can take your own. helps to close your eyes & daydream.meditate,whatever works for you. best of luck! Pati

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