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    Exclamation Time Flies

    I just realized that today is the four year mark from my first annie clipping!!!! "Wow" at all the changes in my life since four years ago today--some not for the best, but I am alive to see my children grow up. My daughter has her class ring ceremony next week and my son started kindergarten this year. Every milestone is a blessing and I am so amazed and grateful that I am here for every single one of them. We have lost some friends over this time--from their annies and from the board moving--and I miss them We have also gained some new friends and I am so glad to "meet" them. I hope that I can help them as much as I have been helped by this board. Thank you all for the support that you have offered me the last four years.
    Candice-37 years old
    7 mm ophthalmic annie clipped Nov 14, 2007
    4 mm daughter annie clipped March 11, 2009
    September 2009 diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia

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    Hey Candice

    4 years!!! The years do seem to race don't they.

    I agree with you - I miss the folks we have lost but am happy to meet the new ones even though it is so hard
    to find out you have an Ane.

    But without the good stories like yours and others - it could be way worse. There could be no Brain Talk :( :( :(

    All my best to you Candice and so glad you made it! You have been such a support to many!
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
    One of the great labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow!

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    Candice, happy anniversary :) I am so happy for you and wish you many more, I wish you the joy of being a grandmother one day and that means many more years of good checkups and all clear. :) I will be here to cheer for you every step
    congrats on your daughter getting her class ring, you must be so proud, and your little one starting
    Kindergarten , that's great ! Hugs, GING
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    Hey Candice,

    Yaaaaaaay!!!! Wow, I can't believe it's been 4 years either!! ( I was "lurking" when you were first posting! ;) ) I totally agree with you - I often think of those we have lost along the way, but yes, it is wonderful that others manage to find their way here for friendship, support, understanding and love.

    I feel blessed to have "met" you Candice and get to share a tiny portion of your life.

    Woohoo - off to do a happy dance for you.....

    Love and hugs,

    Nat xx
    To see a world in a grain of sand,
    And a heaven in a wild flower,
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour. - William Blake.

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    Default Sure does fly...

    Hi Candice
    Yep- the time seems to go quicker and quicker!
    You and I are on very similar time spans...My rupture and emergency clipping will be 4 years in January, and I think you and I both had unruptured aneurysms clipped about the same time a year later in March. Annie twins perhaps!
    Glad life is going well for you- it sure is wonderful to be here with our kids, watching them grow up- sure beats the alternative.
    Take care
    Trace x

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