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Thread: It's that time yet again....

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    Wink Fantastic!!!! Yes i"m shouting it!!!!

    Wonderful news Nat. Now you're on the 2 year roll with me. My neuro has also booked me in for an MRI for March. It'll be my first- have always had the CT contrast too. He also mentioned the radiation so I guess this confirms us aussies have good DRs!
    Hey lucky you re Matt Hayden- he's very cute!
    Here's to many more glasses of champagne- maybe one day we can have one together.
    Take care- and again great news re your Annie.
    Trace x

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    Nat. So happy for your good news!

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    Absolutley Awesome News Nat!!!

    I am so happy for you - man that's just super! I know we all heaved a big sigh of releif for you!

    Your Dr.s sound great too being worried about the radiation - makes me wonder just how much we all have gotten.

    NO point worrying I am sure - what's done is done - but smart to be pro-active and request updates from your testing facilities as to how old thier machines are???

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm......wonder if they could even tell us that!

    Anyhow - again so very thrilled for you and I will celebrate with a strong cuppa tea - since I avoiding alchohol ( how boring is that) - as I lose weight!

    Made my day hearing this Nat! Hugs and Congrats to you.
    Tropical Trish
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    Thankyou everyone!!

    Trace - yes, we will definately have to have a glass of champers together some day! If you ever get up here to the Gold Coast, let me know!! I'm going to be down in Canberra mid January, and have some friends in Sydney, so am trying to work out whether the schedule will allow me to pop up there for a few days (I'm shooting a movie down there, so am waiting on the final timetable at the moment). If I do, we will have to catch up!!

    Trish - sooooo glad to see that your still on the healthy eating plan - it will be sooooooooooooooooooooo worth it as you lose the weight!! Go girl - wooooohoooo!!!
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