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Thread: Does the Covid-19 Test hurt?

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    Default Does the Covid-19 Test hurt?

    Guys, have you tried to undergo a Covid-19 Test, either the rapid test or the swabbing? Does it hurt to get swabbed?

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    no it did not hurt me. yes they did swab me pretty good. it was worth it to know (hopefully, weird times going on) that all was ok with me. good luck. don" forget the flu shot while you are out, if you are in the habit of getting them. from joy

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    To my knowledge no it's painless.
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    i think it killed one child
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    Is this the same case somewhere in China? The one that it went beyond, almost reached the brain?

    Good thing to know it is painless. I am just kinda worried with one vid that I have watched that it shows how painful to get swabbed.

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    I haven't had the COVID-19 test but have watched some videos showing it being done. It looks a lot like some procedures I've had done in connection with sinusitis. The swab is fairly long but very thin. It hurts a bit but just briefly.
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