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    Default Sad time

    A while ago I went outside to fill bird feeders and the street was packed full of parked cars and the driveway of my next door neighbors was packed with a crowd of people of all ages. A dear, kind man saw me and came over to tell me that the next door man was dying. His wife and hospice were with him and allowing two people at a time to come in and say good bye. So the entire family was there, waiting outside.

    Such an enormous family packed with love.
    In my whole life it's the very first time I've seen family love like that - I've certainly never felt anything like that.

    I have that freezer full of cookies so I packed a big aluminum cake pan with different cookies and took them over.

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    Oh Jingle how sad, so wonderful that you had cookies to offer them. Nice to see large loving families like that. When I was young it was that way. Shame how one death can tear a family apart also.

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