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Thread: Rationing healthcare to the disabled and the medically frail

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    Default Rationing healthcare to the disabled and the medically frail

    Very interesting article on the disabled, or medically frail person and healthcare, as well as rationing healthcare to those with COVID, and people without COVID who are frail or disabled.

    This is an empowering article for us all.

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    BTW: You can register at medscape, and not pay a dime. You can ask for daily reports or weekly reports and ask for special interest areas.

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    Very impressive to see a doctor with a disability. I don't often see many of them. He's good looking too!!! :) I agree patient wishes have to considered because some people just hate the idea of being on a ventilator whether they die or not and I respect that. The danger in medical rationing is if a disabled person wants a ventilator but is psychologically manipulated to think their lives are less valuable so they go without a ventilator. As a disabled person I have been psychologically manipulated on much smaller issues and have seen many other disabled be emotionally abused by ableism, so the medical field has to be very careful. One size does not fit all.
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