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    Unhappy Dead computer

    g-r-r-r-r-r-r I was on Facebook, doing fine and this computer died --- completely dead. Good grief it's late Friday afternoon. I called the local computer repair place. I bought this thing from them and they can look in here anytime so they can fix almost anything from their office, but they do close at 4 and will not reopen until Monday morning. They tried to check but it was dead on their end too.

    A nice, kind repairman stopped by here on his way home and, wouldn't you know it, this miserable machine had turned itself back on and was working perfectly. I was so embarrassed. A house visit is $100 but this lovely man ran a bunch of stuff and said it was a Microsoft green thing (me trying to remember his complicated explanation ) and it was common and nothing to worry about. When it happened again I should just wait 5 minutes and restart. And he charged me just $50.

    (JUST $50.00!!!!)

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    Scary Jingle, I don't know what I would do if my puter died. I guess I would be using my phone for minor things. I hate typing on it. It is too little to enjoy being on it for me. I like my desktop. If I had a laptop that would be ideal. It was nice of the man to stop by and help tweak things for you.
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