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Thread: Sunday nite......set me straight.

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    Default Sunday nite......set me straight.

    What's going on? Much of the time I am the only member with 20-25 guests. Are these members who aren't signed in or are those folks lurking for whatever reason? There is soo much wisdom and potential support out there. The few that remain here have much to offer. Pull up a chair and join us. Rest well.

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    Hi LeBieu,

    The guests may be lurkers or bots. No way to tell.

    Anything change in your circumstances: a pizza, a shower, an imaginary friend?

    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK

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    No pizza. One can not trust the hands that prepare or deliver them. No pick up as we are not permitted to leave campus. We COULD break out but not permitted to return. My apt manager told me I only need to shower once no more than twice a week. Yuck!! I hold it down to every other
    day and told them if they don't like it to let my aid in. Clean feels good. Sweet dreams for all.
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