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Thread: I cook a lot

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    Red face I cook a lot

    I don't have a lot of things to do or places to go .. so I cook. If I had more room in my freezer I'd bake more cookies ~sigh~.

    For breakfast I had the last of the left-over chicken corn chowder. Lunch was the last of the broccoli salad. Most of the day I had a big pot of potato soup cooking and that made dinner.

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    ((((((jingle))))))* ~

    Cooking, for some people, can be very therapeutic. It used to be so for me. When I was young, even with my children and busy life, I used to make sourdough bread from an old "starter." I loved to bake and make meals for parties. Now, I don't cook at all.

    Your recipes and meals are all delicious and nutritious. I'm sorry I have not posted to your other threads, but I have read them. I am living vicariously through you now as you cook.

    I can almost catch the wafting aroma of your creations in my imagination.

    Keep cooking! It's good for you for lots of reasons!

    Love & Light,


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    Today I had the stuff to try another new-to-me recipe. I didn't have the penne pasta so I used the mini farfalle setting in my cupboard.
    It's not great but it is pretty good.

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    Jingle, I posted this in the MS Forum chat:

    It’s Bon Apetit chefs making sandwiches from things in the kitchens. Some are pretty complicated but it’s fun to see their kitchens and the chefs are funny. I made the first sandwich for my husband today. Tasty.

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