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Thread: Case study of use of atomize Versed for SPS

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    Default Case study of use of atomize Versed for SPS

    This is the same med as Nayzilam, it predated Nayzilam when the patient injected the versed into the atomizer and then sprayed the nasal chambers.

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    My doc has prescribed it today. The pharmacist will coordinate with him to get the right dose etc.

    It is much cheaper than Nayzilam. You donít have to keep it in the fridge. You donít have to use a suppository up the butt like Valium Gel. You just spray it in each nostril to effectively stop a bad spasm.

    I would dearly like to have this, especially during hurricane season, when my chilled meds might unchill with generator failure.

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    This sounds like a good plan. Let us know how it works.

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