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Thread: Enough pet food??

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    Question Enough pet food??

    During this virus there is such a scary shortage of things we really need - toilet paper, canned soup, paper towels and such. Now the store shelves are short of cat food and kitty litter too. I have saved some so I'm OK for awhile. Are you? DO you have enough for your much-loved pet?

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    I order my pet food online through Amazon we will see how it goes when I try to order food on the first. I order the big cans of cat and dog food by the case. A case of 22 oz. cans of dog food lasts a month. The cats are more, I think I go through two cases of the 13 oz. cans for five cats. I buy 50 lb bags of dry dog food like every three months and 30 lb. bag of dry cat food every month and half to two months. I also get donations if I am in need. Huge network of animal people on Facebook that I am friends with. We all look out for each other. I just transported dog food to a man that was in need yesterday. Someone donated it to him. He offered to pay at least for gas but that's not how we work. No animal left behind.

    As for litter I use horse pellet bedding that I get from the local farm store. Way better than traditional litter I think. Have no trouble with the cats switching back and forth.

    I hope you are able to find whatever you need.

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    Thank you so much …. I think all is OK here. So far I haven't seen a shortage of canned cat food. The shelves of dry cat food are almost empty but there's still lots of canned so I've been buying a pkg of canned almost every time I'm in the store. And I think I have plenty of litter to last awhile.

    My dear, kind, sweet, next door neighbor worries about me - and the cats - and she says that she is going to do all future shopping for me.

    Now just about everything I try to order on Amazon is "not available". I just ordered some vanilla but it won't be delivered until the end of August!

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