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Thread: CHronic Care Management : Medicare service that looks very helpful

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    Default CHronic Care Management : Medicare service that looks very helpful

    Have you used this?
    My new PCP signed me up for it. It give me 24 access to the doctor who can make things happen, through a triage nurse. That nurse can also send a phlebotomist to your house for bloo work. She can send a driver to take me to a doctors appointment. She can make sure I get my meds even if there is a shortage.
    They will take you in for an ex ray and more.

    My PCP has a contract with CCM. I am going to try it. I am impressed.
    Medicare pays the doc for this: as its cheaper than to hospitalize I suppose.

    THe blurb on MEdicare only talked in generalities. It was my 24/7 RN that’s attached to my PCP office,that answered my questions.

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