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Thread: What's happening? Part 3

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    i hope all are doing ok in this heat. i am, i am covered upinside just as much as i was during the winter, thanks to AC, lol. just wanted to pop in and say hi and catch up. that didn't take long but it was worth it even if the catching up was for a much shorter list than it use to be. those that continue to show up are very special folks just like they always were. tZke care, later

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    Home protection only I assure you Clouds. I am all for gun control but am not for disarming the educated gun owner. I am talking like everybody in the house goes to gun training. Repeated every year to keep up their license. Limits and taxes on ammunition and no access to ammunition for guns they have no business owning. Barrel ID database. Every barrel leaves it's own 'fingerprint' on a bullet and should be registered into a big database. Public limited access to types of guns. There are many reasonable things that can be done without disarming a gun owner. I did a huge paper in college on gun control which was, at the time, a big topic due to some postal shootings which I also did a paper on in my business class. I miss school. Using my brain.

    I have honestly not gotten a thing done, my yard is a neighborhood embarrassment, I called the neighbor man to mow for me because my mower is still broken down and looks to never be fixed, I know that there is a lot I need to get out and do but my pain levels are at a constant high and thanks to my shoulder moving my arms hurt and I can't lift anything. I am supposed to be in a sling. Guess I will call the medical supply place and see if they have gotten my prescription for it yet. Feeling it today and changes in the weather make everything worse.

    Brandon finally has managed to save enough money for a car so of course all the ones he wants to see get sold out from under him. I told him he needs to jump on those, making a next day appointment does not work, first man with money gets the sale.

    I am down to one foster, our sweet Sadie got adopted within days of being put in Kitty City so I have only Louise. I am considering making her a foster fail and quitting fostering full time for Los Gatos. They don't like me to have other animals while I foster for them which I get, germ spreading and all that, but it makes me practically useless. There are so many cats that need help and if I wasn't fostering I would be more help. I would like to be a holding place for kitties to at least get them off the street while a rescue is found for them. I have helped 25 cats and kittens just within the last month and there are four more directly connected to people I know. Usually it is FB posts I help kitties from but some family then friends mention they have kitty issues so then just by knowing about it I feel obligated to do something. I am obligated to do something.

    Our heat wave seems to have broken and it will be nice enough to be outside today. It has been a scorcher here seems like for weeks. Very little rain though today it looks as though it will but the forecast says no. Just low 80s for today. My tomato plant is growing very slow though it is supposed to be mini tomatoes I don't think that includes the plant LOL.

    Having my fence up for my dogs is an absolute dream. I can just open the back door and off they go. They act like it has always been there. It is big enough for the dogs to have plenty of room but small enough that I can push mow it. May take me two days but I can do it lol.

    I have put on 20 pounds over the last year and my knees and feet are feeling it. Scheduled for knee injections which helps for a while. Then hopefully I can get my screen up and finished for the catio.

    Am wearing a heart monitor for the next week. Have been having heart palpitations for the last four of five days when I would lay down for my nap and then yesterday they were coming back to back then they would calm then they would hit me back to back again whether I was up moving, sitting or laying down. Laying down they were most active. I understand everybody has heart palpitations and it is normal to a point but this was scaring me. Considered going to hospital but got into my cardiologist almost right away so they sent me home with a monitor for seven days. Told me no coffee while I am on it, not listening very well but I noticed today no major heart palpitations of course now that I have this thing on. They should have gotten a good reading from yesterday and last night. Am hoping maybe it is a med adjustment.

    Well I have been working on this for days and I guess it just goes to show I got a whole lot of nothing new to say.

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