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Thread: What's happening? Part 3

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    When The Beatles Sang in German
    "Here's an unpopular opinion: I'm actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations. Sorry. If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay." Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin

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    Well the holidays are over, thank goodness, now I am waiting to see how things go come inaugural day. I dread seeing how our country behaves during this. I am so ashamed of so many of the people in our country. Their behavior is not fitting for a 'Great Nation'.

    I hope everyone is well. Clouds I answered your Merry Christmas thread but I don't see it, maybe I posted it somewhere else. Wouldn't surprise me. I hope you are well.

    I am without a foster right now. Found homes for all 6 kittens and a cat rescue came and got their mama Freya and are adopting her out. Not sure what I will do. I am kind of leaning towards a dog but that is so much more work.

    Jared got a virtual reality headset for Christmas and it is amazing. You put it on and you are immersed in a 360 degree view of a new world. Just incredible. You can tour the solar system, I had him download Google Earth VR and stood with the Christ statue in Rio de Janiero, above my house, next I am going to tour Central Park in New York. I have been doing one of the free sample workouts on it for an app called Supernatural, it is an exercise app that plays like a game. I love it. My knees are blown out but I don't care. I am least feel like I have been getting some exercicse. Try to do it every other day right now, takes me a day or two to recover. My knees are awful and usually hurt something fierce when I am done. There are a lot of social apps that can be used to immerse yourself into an avatar character and interact with other people. I haven't tried that yet. Still trying to get my game hands back. It has been so long since I played. I have to remember not to panic and mash buttons. One great thing about it is that Jared will be getting some exercise also. He has gotten huge from just sitting at his computer and eating. Now he has to get up to play the VR.

    My ablation was useless. Approximately three weeks after my second one they had worn completely off. So I am going to get some injections and he said not to give up on the ablations so we are going to do a round of injections and then another set of ablations. Have to get my knees done in there somewhere also. I know I have gained over twently pounds since the pandemic and that is taking it's toll on my lower body.

    I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.

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