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    Jeannie for me it is getting into the mindset, build determination, pray for strength, deal with the emotions that come with saying goodbye to a 'best friend'. Make quitting an obsession. I have already been through this twice, first with crack, well, and everything else and then with smoking, so I know what I need to do. For a while I had this thought that the next time I go into the hospital I am just going to quit smoking then. Don't know where this ignorant ass thought came from because I do not want to go into the hospital again. I think it is my 'best friend' talkin, trying to find an excuse not to quit soon.

    Rose I can't believe I missed that one during my quest for help at the end of last year when I intended to quit smoking. Thank you. I will add it to my arsenal. CBD is a fantastic idea, especially since my pain levels are climbing and it will help so much with the withdrawals. I already have a pen I will just need to buy the cartridges.

    I did not get to see the cardio yesterday. They only did the scan and I was already scheduled for a follow up in frickin' February. am scheduled to see him Oct. 1st. I plan to call and check for cancellations to see if I can get in before then.

    When I told the nurse tech about the 40% blockage she said that is just a measure amount they use. It is either up to 40% or over 40% and I am in the up to range so it may not even be 40% it may be lower which may be why my original cardio never said anything. Matters not any amount of blockage is too much.

    I looked in my cupboards when I got home from my test and just cried. I was trying to make something for lunch but everything is stuff that is not good for me. I can have no bread, no dairy, no bread, no cheese, no sandwich meat, no pasta, no bread ( iknow I already said that but that really hurts), cereal and for some reason lately my look at milk has changed to where I don't even want to drink it and I can't pin point what it is, everything we eat is white and full of carbs and useless calories. I buy fruit and veggies and half of it winds up going to waste because we don't finish it all before it spoils. Which would require me to make more trips to the store and I have no transportation. There are so many conflicting reports of the right way to eat. Everybody agrees more fruit an veggies, paleo says only healthy meats, vegan no meats, some say stay away from legumes, everyone says start slow, make one meal a week healthy and then continue to add. Jared is over two hundred pounds, because we don't eat right and he doesn't get any exercise. I mean none. He sits in front of his computer all day every day. He wears the weight well as he is generally thick like his dad and almost taller. I don't even know if I can afford to change our diet so drastically. We have almost cut out fast food but that is only cause I can't afford it. Jared is losing some weight slowly due to that. And we need to stay away from the pop and chocolate.

    We need to exercise, I need to exercise like my life depends on it. i have an exercise chair and a Gazelle which I do use once in a while but I have discovered it tears up my knees so I need to get the chair back out. And everywhere says to meditate. Meditate, meditate, meditate oh and gut health, take care of your gut and your gut will take care of you. My poor gut, I feel so bad for it. It is tore up and my belly is big and full of big gas bubbles and I take all these medications. 15 I believe. That sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen right there. I am sure I am low in D3, could use fish oil and calcium. I don't know why my doc hasn't recommended calcium, my doc before him was a woman and she recommended it to me when I was in my 30s.

    Went to physical therapy and I think this might be different and a lot more pain relief focused as opposed to doing an hour's worth of exercises from which it takes me days to recover from so I wind up rescheduling the next.
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