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    beautiful outside the last three days. Sunshine, clouds, breeze about 80 which I can handle. Even got some yard work done yesterday, well, before my mower decided that it was no longer moving from it's spot. THink I disengaged the drive belt going over a holey spot. Will fix that this morning and try to get more done. Seems like I get a section of the yard mowed and just as I am getting ready to start a new section something happens with the mower. Got a big spot done day before yesterday and when I stopped and trimmed the willow it decided not to start again for the ride back to the house. So I waited and things working here the way they do it started up first try yesterday. Got 2 sections done yesterday and as soon as I was done and was heading towards the house I stopped for a second to disengage the blade and raise the deck and it refused to move in either direction. I got my fat ass down on the ground and checked the belt. All looked fine so was frustrated and left the dang thing in the middle of the front yard. Then later on I remembered there was a pulley I forgot to check that has to be lowered to check to see if it is connected. I forgot that part. So this morning, time allowing for proper Saturday mower starting, I will go back out there and get on the ground and check it again. My woods is a mess, the neighbors have their blinds closed so they don;t have to look at it LOL.

    Saw my psych and finally told him i was absolutely miserable and have been for a long time. I wanted to stop the Effexor as it was totally ineffective so got Trintillex, never heard of it. So second day of Trintellix, felt a little on edge yesterday but I noticed that my OCDs were not bothering me so much and I was able to just sit and chill without focusing on any particular bad thing. Usually my thoughts race with all my inadequacies, all that should be getting done, yesterday morning wasn't too bad. The neurontin gives me a bit of energy and improves my mood also. Told doc I had changed the way I was taking it with two in the a.m. and one at night and he gave his stamp of approval. Also saw Nan, have not seen her since September they said, we were both blown away hadn't thought it had been that long. Psych is firm believer in therapy so I see Nan again in about three weeks and Psych also so he can check on this med thing we're trying. We're, LOL like he will suffer with me. He also raised my Latuda to 60mg at dinner time. I am going to have to take it properly. I was taking it at bedtime but you are supposed to have so many calories in your stomach in order for it to be effective and though I snack at bedtime I know I am not always consuming 375 calories every night. We eat a late dinner so I am pretty sure I have a little but probably not the full. I loved it when I first started taking it so I am hoping all of this works. Getting my doc appts taken care of. I have been putting them off because my car is broken down. Thank God my insurance pays for transportation to appts., pharmacy, grocery stores. I have been utilizing them for docs and once for the pharmacy. It is a pain if I have to wait for pick up to go back home but it is better than nothing.

    Finally went to PM and am scheduled for trigger point injections and am waiting for back injection appt to be scheduled. Got my muscle relaxer script back. Knee injections are still holding which really is truly such a relief. Not being able to walk sucks. I fear I may wind up in a wheel chair in the future. Not really a candidate for knee surgery.

    Still haven't heard from Brandon, think it's been two weeks maybe a little more. He'll get over himself. Probably when he wants something.

    Jared has been really sick, first his allergies have been horrible this year and I am sure they are exacerbated by having cats. One or two was not bad right now we have 6, 4 of which are ours. He has allergy meds but now his allergies have turned into the flu, he has been sleeping for two days because he feels so horrible. Yesterday he managed to stay up and was up at 1:30 when I got up to use the bathroom. As soon as my car is fixed he has a job waiting for him and I think he is looking forward to it. He is rotting in this house. I wanted him to go to college but we both need a school break so he wants to get a job and we checked and his TIP scholarship is good until he is 21. So he has time. We could use the extra income. He may just save us for now.

    Have finally gotten utilities down to a manageable amount so my anxiety over bills is lightened. Christmas screws me every year. I wind up playing catch up for the rest of the year.

    Not a whole lot else to babble about unless I was to have a whole conversation with each of yous.

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