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Thread: Kindness matters in the Patient Experience

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    Default Kindness matters in the Patient Experience

    This is a printed article of an interview with Michael Rotberg MD from Charlotte NC. It lays out beautifully the importance of a relationship with the patient...

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    Actually, kindness matters in all aspects of living life.
    Evolution spans the Universe.

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    And it's interesting and nice to know that there are inducements for doctors to give volunteer service:

    I will also say that it has been wonderful that my malpractice carrier, the one that I had when I was working, has a special rate for volunteer ophthalmologists. So, if I promise to do uncompensated nonsurgical primary eye care, I get the same coverage as I had in practice for $100 a year, which makes this work possible.
    This is an eye-popping figure--$100/year for malpractice insurance. The typical US doctor pays many thousands of $$ (sometimes over $100,000) per year for that insurance. That must be a very nice benefit and should encourage many doctors to give their time and skill so that people who can't afford them can have care. It sounds as if it's only for ophthalmologists and only through a Lions Club program. I hope there are other programs like this out there.
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