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Thread: July chit-chat

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    I'm sorry but I have no information for SuzE-Q. If anyone does know of a way of contacting her, I hope you will try to reach her to let her know that she's missed.

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    I wish we had some info on Suze-Q. It is not like her to stay away this long. Computer problems maybe?? I don't know, but hope she can check in soon.

    Yesterday was not cool like I thought. It was 95 degrees. I just didn't go out and because it was cloudy I thought it was cooler. Today was 98, but I did go out. I had to meet family and I couldn't cancel because one brother was bringing me fresh tomatoes again. I wanted to eat tomato sandwiches tomorrow and the next day for dinner. So while I was out I went to the grocery store. Now I don't have to go out again until Friday and wouldn't you know it, it is going to be cooler temps until about Friday, then another warm up.

    Cherie, so sorry you are feeling so bad. I expect it is not just the heat, but also being on an antibiotic and new medication. Hope things look up soon.

    Jeanie, hope someone gets your printer back in operating mode quickly. I know how it is to want to send something off and not be able to do it.

    Rose, those of us in the South will still be feeling the heat (that is me and Howie) in August and September. We have hopes of a cool October, but I have seen early October be kind of hot, but not like now. Did you really say 110 degrees?? Although our heat index today was 105, so maybe not as much difference as it sounds like.

    Agate, are you still having nice weather in Oregon?

    Nuthatch, hope you get rid of the ants soon. It drives me crazy to have ants. I go to the hardware store and look for something to get rid of them. A lot of time they are looking for water if it is dry.

    Howie, so glad your Sister helped you with your car problem. She does come through when really needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillstANNding View Post
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    We arrived safely at Mom’s after an unexplained flight delay. It’s was just as hot here in Western PA as at home but weather just broke w a thunderstorm. :-). Tomorrow will be in the mid 70’s. Ahhhh.

    Mom looks great. She chose not to renew her license so I need to teach her Uber and Instacart this week. She says she doesn’t need them yet but has no plan to get food or get to doctors.

    Does anyone have SuzEQ info? Worried.

    The best MS advice I ever got when I was new at all this was from a fellow MSer who told me: “ Get it before you need it”
    I met her at my first support group and we were each other’s support for many years and that advice has helped me handle and fight back against progression. She died a few years ago and I miss her. That no nonsense, just get on with it approach is a useful model.

    Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says:"Oh Crap, She's up!"

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