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Thread: Ginger and red bell pepper: GI approves for nausea

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    Default Ginger and red bell pepper: GI approves for nausea

    The high doses of Baclofen and Tizanidine creates periodic nausea during the day. Zofran works but it leaves me a space cadet.

    I find raw ginger helps a lot. GI consult yesterday confirms science shows it is helpful. GI doc said red bell pepper helps tooŚ love RBP!

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    I am growing both ginger and red bells. It is neat to grow your own ginger. Makes a nice looking house plant, so does turmeric. Just buy some in a grocery store and plant in an 8” pot filled with loose soil that drains easily.
    Lots of people post how to grow them in your house tutorials on YouTube.

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    Good news, Sunshine.

    Thanks for the ginger tip, Linda!
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