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Thread: Does anyone's feet cramp after bending toes?

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    Default Does anyone's feet cramp after bending toes?

    This happens to me and I want to have an idea about what disease I have. I also have tremors, myoclonus, twitches and an absent heel reflex. MRI, CAT, thyroid and remaining blood tests all okay.

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    I get this in my feet all the time. I have to be careful about stretching or clenching my toes or I get charlie horses in my toes and feet. I have severe arthritis in my feet.

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    I have no idea exactly what your condition is but I have Cerebral Palsy and related spasticity and it causes my toes to cramp. I also have myoclonus, twitches I think...
    Mild Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and bad proprioception.
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    A little late to the party. I have had problems with Charlie Horses in my arches when my calcium/msg levels are too low. I am a senior and this goes back to childhood. Moist heat nips the Charlie Horse immediately.....a hot wet wash cloth will do.

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    I felt exactly that after I woke up from bed. The culprit might be my work, I'm a hospitality attendant and standing for whole work hour is common to us.

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    Have you tried consulting a neurologist?

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