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Thread: lost another cell phone

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    Default lost another cell phone

    and i am thinking seriously about not replacing this one.. our vehicle finally gave up on us so we bought a newer model, one that will make it easier to carry my wheelchair around.. i have been having a difficult time since beginning of november and about the time i thought i was doing better i took a hard fall on our hardwood floor over concrete.. i have totaled out vehicles in wrecks and not hurt as bad as this so guess it will just take time.. take care everyone and i hope to be back later on.

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    Aaawww Joy that sucks to put it mildly. Sorry to hear about your vehicle, I know how that is, mine is on it's last legs or wheels if you wish. Take care of yourself. Be careful, I know you are damn I wish I could see you.

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    Lovely weather here - just gorgeous! I wish I had thought about it earlier and gotten some good stuff to BBQ. I really love BBQ even though I don't do it very well.
    Anyone here have any recipes or suggestions?

    Joy - I hope you're feeling better ... and I hope your new vehicle is working great.
    lol --- the first vehicle I ever bought was a brand new 1967 VW. I drove it for 14 years! and traded it in for a new Toyota pick-up which I dove for 14 years -- traded that in for another new Toyota pick-up which I drove for 16 years -- traded that in for a new 2014 Toyota Camry. The guys at the Toyota dealership teased and laughed. They said I would drive the Camry for the rest of my life.

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