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Thread: Finally I need answers

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    Unhappy Finally I need answers

    Brandy here and I was diagnosed with a 14.83 mm cerebal aneurysm..I had pipline coil embolization in December of all happened so fast..within a few weeks of finding it I was having surgery..Today my aneurysm is still measuring 8.5mm..the last year has been a blurr but today Im noticing more memory loss, lots more emotional days and anger through the roof..with no family or anyone who understands I decided to stop ignoring this and reach out to yall for headaches are terrible especially if I get upset and they come on so fast..I feel like people think Im using my aneurysm as an excuse but In not. My anger is getting out of control and my depression deeper..can someone just tell me Im not crazy and why this thing isnt going away. I have another angiogram in march..please anyine just tell me something

    Thank you

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    I don't know hardly anything about cerebral aneurysm but I do know it is possible for things that effect the brain to effect emotions so I don't think you are crazy at all. If you think the cerebral aneurysm is causing your symptoms including the emotional ones please find a doctor who will address it. Maybe you need surgery again. Best of luck!
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    Welcome, Queenb1115!

    I'm no authority on brain aneurysms though my daughter had one. I do know that the symptoms you're describing sound as if some medical attention is called for. I hope you'll contact your doctor soon.
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    What your experiencing is normal for having brain surgery. You should talk to your doctor about the symptoms that you are having.
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