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    Hard to believe yesterday January 18th marks 17 years since Kathleen's first stroke, she was almost 5 years old. Like most people I could not have conceived the idea that a young child could suffer a stroke! I barely remember the neurologist explaining Moyamoya because I was just praying please don't end this conversation with "there's nothing we can do for this". Prayers answered, there was a surgeon in Boston who could treat this with surgery. April will be 17 years out from surgeries, and her major strokes after surgery. How can something seem like yesterday, and seem like a lifetime ago all at once? This forever changed Kathleen's life. For 17 years she has worked her butt off to get and stay strong, through much therapy, hard work, lots of stretching, botox injections, AFO's, and surgeries. 17 years of Doctor visits in order to peel away the layers of things the strokes have caused. We are forever thankful that she has been strong enough to weather through all that has been thrown at her because of this awful disease called Moyamoya. We are thankful that it didn't take her spirit! We are thankful that her smile returned quickly.(it was crooked for a while). I am thankful that god listened to my prayers and all the prayers that I know came from friends and family. She continues to be my HERO every single day! I continue to be thankful for all that she has taught me every single day.First picture was a couple months after her major strokes. The second one is proof that nothing will ever hold this lady back! WP_20160114_001.jpgWP_20160625_002.jpg .

    Mary Grace
    P.S. My dads stroke was 40 years ago on the very same date! He passed away from his stroke a few days later...

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