Hello to all my old neuro buddies. I finally found my login for here, and thought I'd update a little on us. I guess, I will just start with Scott. Scott retired from the Secretary of State Police in August. He is now a bus driver for our local school district. It is perfect, a few hours in the morning and a few in the afternoon. Our custom sign business has really taken off. He is making 3 more signs as I type. Joshua was working as a police Sgt in our city, but recently was hired on at the Secretary of State. He and his wife, Megan have blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter who is now 2 1/2 yrs old. We are also expecting our second little blessing in June. We are over the moon excited!!! They live only about 2 miles from us, and we are blessed and fortunate to have our granddaughter pretty much everyday! Jacob is a sophomore in high school. Has his license now. He is in full swing with winter weight lifting, gearing up for football season in the fall. I am in the process of starting a book.
I love to write, it is my vice so to speak. I am hoping, to start rough draft chapters very soon. I have a couple book ideas, I just have to decide which one I want to go forward with first. I keep very busy with the councilman gig. It has been a learning experience, and I truly do love it! I will for sure run again, when my term is up. I think in the spring we are going to house hunt. We are wanting to downsize a bit. It will be hard to leave all the memories, but we will carry them with us. It is still so hard to believe that our angel Meggie is truly gone. Some days it seems like yesterday, others it seems forever. The longer time marches on, the harder it is in some ways. It's all so real now. Life goes on, I know that, however, the longer you walk this journey without your child, your fear of others forgetting them increases. So, I make sure that doesn't happen. She was such a bright light. I will try and get here at least once a week to update and catch up with old friends. My goal tonight is to read through posts and see who is still here, and get to know the new members. Love to you all. It is nice to be back home amongst old friends. If I knew how to upload a picture, I would post a recent family pic from Christmas!