Well now that Michigan has joined the ranks of recreational marijuana states we are going to see how things go. The club that I frequent is trying to be one of the first to dip their toes in the water and are going to allow public non card members to come in to the club and enjoy themselves and be able to meet caregivers and other patients, get MMJ education on the new laws and on different types of meds there are etc. I am excited. My son and a friend of his are going. I have been talking to him about the club for years now he will get to see what I have been talking about.

I have a new caregiver, a couple of sweet young guys have agreed to take on my case. I almost cried I was so relieved. They are very enthusiastic about treating my different issues with RSO and CBD and trying to find the right flower or tincture, creams for my issues. They are fair and I will get my meds for free and anything extra I need I will get a heavily discounted price.

My last caregivers were struggling to keep up with my meds and fell woefully behind and I had to take whatever they had at the time. Not many choices. They informed me, after I texted asking if my meds were ready, that they could no longer do my meds because they had a family emergency. Was not happy, but happened to be at the club a couple days ago and was outside having a cig and blurted out and interrupted a couple of guys asking if they knew where I could get a caregiver. Bam! on the spot new caregiver. Sometimes things fall in to place and though I have guilt I still thank God for those moments when it happens.