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Thread: Who I have fostered so far.

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    Hi Jingle all is pretty mellow. I still have the feral, well....semiferal. I seem to have a knack for telling the difference for feral youngsters that have been born in an indoor litter compared to those that have been born feral. Louise is coming along slowly but surely. Still no picking up. She kind of freaks when her feet leave the floor. They want me to bring her to an adoption event to see how she fares. She is going to need to go to a kind, patient, understanding home. She cannot be picked up and just loved on. She has her own rules and I respect them. We lay on the floor and get loves, she rubs all over me, she love nips and tries to play but in an attack the kitty kind of way lol. She hasn't quite caught on to the toys yet.

    My fence is all purchased and some men in the neighborhood said they would put it up for me.

    I am not taking in any more animals until my fence is done and Louise finds a home. I cry when I think of giving her up. All I keep thinking is no one will understand her like I do. She will have to start over when she moves and that makes my heart hurt for her.

    I had to get off of Facebook on Thursday because I got overwhelmed with the amount of animals that need help and how helpless it makes me feel, how useless and I don't have a car so I can't even lend a hand.

    I am chomping at the bit to get going again.

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