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Thread: Are you preparing for Christmas?

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    hey all !

    yes, very happy it's over. i hope you all had a nice Christmas!

    i did make a yellow battered bundt cake, i am a good cook, and the directions for making the bundt looked odd, so i made it the way i've always made a cake. i added a cup of rum chata to the bundt, dried cranberries, grated orange peel and walnuts also. the alcohol bakes out. i made a walnut/cinnamon streusel topping for the bundt, which i spread around the bottom of the bundt pan. when the bundt was done baking, i mixed some powdered sugar, melted butter and another half cup of rum chata and i poked holes in the cake and basted it with the rum chata sauce until the sauce was gone. i covered it and put it in the basement until the next afternoon. the recipe said the cake with the sugary syrup mioght not come out of the pan, but don't force it. it said to turn the oven on to 350F and put in the bundt for 10 minutes. i did just that. the cake didn't get warm, just the pan and the syrup around the edges. i took it out of the oven , turned it over, jiggled it a bit, and it came out perfectly. i mixed a little powdered sugar and rum chata and just drizzled it over the top over hte streusel topping, lightly.

    well, it definitely was a hit! i tasted it before i served it and it passed with flying colors! it will be my new Christmas cake!

    happy new year to all! may the coming year bring you peace, joy and love,
    and thank you for sharing and caring ,
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    Yes!! I am glad it is over. I always am. I get myself so wound up over the holidays that I usually wind up down for three or four days afterwards. Woke with a sore throat this morning . Brandon left sick on Christmas Eve I hope I haven't caught his cold. Thank you God that I do not have a ton of xmas stuff up and no tree to contend with.

    Jeannie you bundt cake sounds delicious.

    hope everyone has made it out the otherside all and good.

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