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    "Hi all,
    I am residing in Canada. I am a chain smoker but i turned to use vape juice rather than cigarettes.A couple of days ago when I searched on google regarding e juice which is commonly called vape juice I found different making methods. I want to know more insights about what are the strengths and standards that come in ejuice. Does e juice comes with zero nicotine. What is the best choice for buying ejuice? Actually, I am a heavy smoker. so that I need a higher concentration of nicotine. I want to know which nicotine strength works best for me. Had anyone used ejuice with higher concentration before? Share your experience. Thank you."
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    Hi Nancy, if you go to your local dedicated smoke shop they can advise you on strengths, try to avoid as much PG as possible and then you can work your way to titrating down on the nicotine levels if you are trying to quit. The vaping pens are fantastic and some you can reload yourself instead of buying refills. They have many kinds of vapes and some are large and awkward. The pens are very portable and easy to keep out of sight. They should be able to show you how all that works. I tried the cartridge e-cigs that the corner market sells but I didn't last long. Am coming up on a new quit date soon. As for making your own there is a ton of information on the web though I know it is a pain to slog through.
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    I know it's a little late to reply (and I'm also new here) but I actually work in the vaping industry. Most vape juice companies have compliance set in place. Do not believe the reports out of the USA. Look at the reports from the UK. They are 2 very different perspectives. Public Health England, The Royal College of Physicians (1,000+ licensed physicians), Cancer Research UK and about a dozen other NON PROFIT organizations in the UK back vaping. This is because there's no money on the table, whereas in the US it's all about the Big Tobacco lobby. Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist (I am FAR from one), but this specific one is true.

    That said, if you are a heavy smoker, it depends what type of device you use. If it's a cig a like, start with 2.4% (24mg) nicotine. Try and go down ever 6 basis points every 3 months. You should get to zero nicotine after a little over a year. If you are using a vape mod, then start with 0.6% (6mg) nicotine. Actually, if you're a heavy smoker, you shouldn't even be using this type of device. My recommendation is a cig a like e cigarette only...something like JUUL.

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